Rijeka Lika

Many who visit the Lika River will say that it has a certain energy. Is it because of the area it passes through, its canyon and wilderness, or because it is a living witness to the turbulent history of this area? Lika springs at the foot of Velebit at an altitude of approximately 600 meters, it is the largest Lika underground river with 78 km in length, and the second largest European underground river. The catchment area amounts to approximately 1570 square meters. Its main tributaries are Novčica and Otešica (on the left), and Glamočnica and Jadova (on the right). The dam of the Kruščica reservoir was built in the Lika canyon (Ličko polje). Lika was cut off from the sinkhole in the Lipovo Field where it was connected to the Gacka River.


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