Kultura i običaji

Perušić locals have always been keen on preserving the cultural heritage. „Ličko kolo“ is one of the most famus circle dances that are widely popular in Croatia. It is distinctive from other dances because is done silently, only with the commands given by the leading male dancer.

The secret is in local people!!!If you visit Perušić you will discover something that is impossible to describe, impossible to explain. Something you just have to experience. The locals might seem distaced at first (we can always blame the harsh climate for that). But these are the people which will offer their guests everything they've got and welcome them with a smile.

The traditional clothing is made of wool because of the climate, with fresh summers and cold winters.  Specific clothes are woolen socks and bags as well as „opanci“ ,  shoes made of leather. „ Lička kapa“ is known as a part of traditional wear in Lika . Historians think that its predecessor is a Japodean bronze cap.

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