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The Lika River and the Kruščica Lake are extremely appealing to fishermen. The waters are inhabited by twenty-two species of fish, the most important of which are: trout, pike, carp, grass carp, tench, catfish, golden carp, perch, and chub.

The upper (spring) parts of the stream are a home of the autochthonous endemic species Lika pijor or Lika pijur (Phoxinellus croaticus), which is specific for this karst area.

The entire course of the Lika River is managed by the Sportfishing Association “Lika” Gospić, and they serve as a point of contact when purchasing fishing licenses.

Telephone: +385 53 57 44 23

Email: info@sru-lika-gospic.hr



The diversity and dynamics of the relief and the abundance of game are natural resources for the development of hunting tourism in the municipality of Perušić.

The preserved richness of flora and fauna is evident at every step.

There are several active hunting societies in the municipality:


+385 99 647 6582


+385 98 446 461

Mladen Krpan

+385 93 341 043


+385 99 606 0643


Fishing company Šaran from Perušić manages a separate fishing zone Bazeni in Prvan selo.

Numerous fish species can be found on an area of ​​approximately 3.5 hectares (carp, pike, perch, grass carp, tench, silver carp, perch, yellow-eyed, redfin, redfish, carp, sunfish).

Fishing is allowed with the purchase of daily, three-day, seven-day and annual licenses and with prior notice of arrival.

Contacts: Jure Dasović +385 98245000

Ivan Hećimović +385 9940886889

Ivica Milković +385 915283549

Lov i ribolov

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