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Is there a better way to spend a day away from the hectic everyday life than by spending it in nature?  Nothing is as wonderful as the smile of a happy child, who is like a flower – the more you water it, the more it grows. Nature is essential for growth. Moments spent together. Spend the most beautiful family moments exploring the cave world, by running through the vastness of meadows or by learning in nature. Absorbing the scents of plants that grow in the karst Lika region, you will be astonished by the beauty in front of you.

Educational trail "Man and the karst"

The Man and Karst educational trail refers to the coexistence of man and nature in the area of ​​Grabovača and Perušić. It passes by three caves and a pit (in which entry is not recommended) through a beech and hornbeam forest all the way to the most beautiful observation deck in the Grabovača Cave Park (743 m above sea level), which offers a view of the Lika River canyon, Ličko polje (karst field), and a large part of Velebit.

Total trail length: 3.5 km (2 h)

Shorter part of the trail – to the observation deck: 1.5 km (45 min)

Obiteljski odmor


It is located on the road from the souvenir shop to the Samograd cave and provides information on protected and endangered (Natura2000) species.

Trail length: 750 m (15 min)

Obiteljski odmor


This educational trail rises from the very center of Perušić and is 1,198.54 m long. Walking along this educational trail, you will learn about the forests, flora and fauna of this area, but also about the Klisa Hill itself, as well as multiple meanings it carries for those residing in Perušić. In addition to herding cattle, it was precisely on this hill that love and friendships were born, and the most imaginative children’s games took place. While walking along the trail, you will notice an observation deck and several benches that will come in handy to relax and admire the beautiful view of the old town of Perušić, the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and their surroundings.

Obiteljski odmor

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