Nearly every month of the year Perušić organizes a manifestation that lets every visitor learn something about this region or simply allow them to have fun.


February – „Green Economy“ Fair

The fair is designed in order for traditional products manufacturers to showcase and present their products so that each visitor has the ability to try the same. Educational presentations, as well as a cultural-artistic program are organized as well.

March/April – „Easter egg hunt“

There will be an organized workshop for children as well as egg hunt, accompanied by an entertainment-music program.

April – Planet Earth day

There will be conducted research through an online poll „How much ecologically aware I am“. Also, cave park Grabovača (at the souvenir shop) will enable everyone interested in participating in workshops and watching documentaries about the planet Earth as well as visiting the cave Samograd.

June – Summer Bike/Rowing regatta on river Lika/Environmental Protection Day

There will be a cycling race organized in Perušić municipality area while rowing regatta is celebrating its 15th anniversary which and just like every year so far, guarantees a phenomenal venue. On the Environmental Protection Day in the park area, there will be a time capsule filled with objects, documents, photographs, videos and audio tracks. The next opening of the capsule will be on June 5th 2068. The idea of this project is leaving the „memories“ of people and events from 2018 to our descendants.

August/Intercultural night for volunteers from Cave Park Grabovača/International Bat night/Saint Roch Day

On the intercultural night volunteers from Cave Park Grabovača will present their countries and prepare traditional meals and delicacies from their countries. As a part of the International Bat night there will be organized workshops about bats. Visitors will be able to watch short documentaries about bats. Saint Roch day is marked on August 16th when there is a village party organized.

September/Perušić Municipality Day

On its day, Municiality Perušić gathers all the residents and their guests on a big all-day festival and a concert in the centre of the place.

October – „Ide jesen ide novo prelo“

Traditional cultural manifestation in the organization of the „HKUD Perušić“ enliven the folklore tradition of Lika and the rest of Croatia with their performances.

December/ „Christmas Magic on Grabovača“/Charity Christmas Fair

On the first Saturday in December, Cave park Grabovača organizes Christmas magic with spiced wine and sausages as well as the arrival of Santa Claus for the youngest. As a part of the Christmas Fair, funds from Christmas decorations made by teachers, students and two primary schools on the municipality area are already are being collected.