Perušić is an ideal place for those who want an active vacation, for families with children, hikers, cyclists, speleologists, nature lovers. It features hiking, walking and cycling trails, offers the possibility of rafting or kayaking through the canyon of river Lika, as well as recreational activities such as trekking, tennis or horseback riding. Perušić is a paradise for speleologists and spelunkers because of its cave diversity, most of which are unexplored. Hunting and fishing lovers will also find opportunities for their active holiday. There are bears, foxes, wild boars, snakes and deer living around us. Also, there are about 20 kinds of fish living in river Lika.


78 km long, river Lika is the second biggest sinking river in Europe and the longest river in Lika region which runs at the foot of Velebit at 600 m above sea level. It stretches along the Lika`s field, flows through cliffs and water level is determined by the amount of rain and snow. There are four big tributaries and couple of smaller ones. In 1966. Its flow was interrupted because of the construction of the „Sklope Senj“ dam. Because of that the village Kruščica, which the accumulation lake was named after, was submerged.


Lake Kruščica is an artificial lake that emerged for the needs of Hydroelectric plant Sklope Senj in 1971. It was named after a village that was evacuated and flooded during the construction of HE. During summer months when the lake water level is lower, the remains of the former village, especially stone church and houses, as well as former roads are visible.