Lika is known for indigenous sheep breed „pramenka“ and cow „buša“. Lika`s delicacies are primarily lamb, sheep cheese and the most famous cheeses are „basa“ and „škripavac“. Pigs are also breeding, slaughter is traditional when many householdes are preparing their cured meat. The most famous agricultures are cabbage and potato which is protected at the European level under the name „lički krumpir“ and it`s the most favorite side dish, while all over Croatia and more widely well known are „pole“ – roasted potato with crust. In order to warm up, people from Lika love „rakija“, alcohol made of plums, one of the fruits that survive in this climate and they are used for jam which is mandatory in every household.

Perušić offers a total of 80 beds in the municipality area including rooms, apartments and holiday homes from Kosinj across Kaluđerovac to the center of Perušić while the only restaurant is located near the center in Varoš.